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Re: gvim, --remote-tab and new tabs, gvim 7.0c beta

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... Use --remote-tab-silent. ... That is a bug. -- Lose weight, NEVER Diet again with The Invisible Weight Loss Patch (spam e-mail) /// Bram Moolenaar --
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 30, 2006
      Thomas Engelke wrote:

      > I start my gvim from Total Commander, using it as the standard editor
      > (F4), using \path\to\gvim.exe --remote-tab <filename>.
      > When the gvim is the first instance starting (in the morning, after
      > turning the computer on), this gives me a (true) warning: "E247: Kein
      > registrierter Server-Name "GVIM": Send failed. Trying to execute
      > locally" (roughly translated as "no registered server: "gvim"). How
      > can I avoid this message, wanting to start vim (if not already
      > existent) as a new server, but attach to a server (when one exists)?

      Use --remote-tab-silent.

      > Using "ok" in the message, I get a new gvim-window with 2 tabs: One
      > "no name" and one with the file I want to edit. Is that wanted, and,
      > if so, how can I prevent the "no name" from opening?

      That is a bug.

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