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Re: Two questions: Regex for multiple lines; Syntax highlighting

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  • Gary Holloway
    I don t see that anyone answered this. I ve got (presumably) the answer for #1; I don t see a solution for #2. I believe the problem you re having with #1 is
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2006
      I don't see that anyone answered this.
      I've got (presumably) the answer for #1; I don't see a solution for #2.

      I believe the problem you're having with #1 is that "\_." will include
      the newlines in the count.
      Try this instead:


      That seemed to do the trick when I played around with it.

      John Degen wrote:

      >I have a syntax file which should highlight text,
      >spanning multiple lines, if it exceeds 1640
      >characters, including white space between two tags
      >(like <begintag> and <endtag>).
      >These tags occur multiple times in the buffer, so I
      >tried putting this non-greedy regex in the syntax
      >but it matches the text up to and including the next
      ><endtag> if the number of characters is less than
      >*does* work well. What can this be?
      >I would like the change in highlighting to occur as
      >soon as I type character # 1641, but currently I need
      >to do :redr! for the change to take effect.

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