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Re: insertmode and importing a script.

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  • A. J. Mechelynck
    ... see ... and notice the paragraph starting - Use CTRL-O six or seven lines lower ... Best regards, Tony.
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 1, 2005
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      John R. Culleton wrote:
      > I am developing an ap[plicataion where vim in some form willp;ay
      > a key role. For simplicity of use by non-vimers I want to suggest
      > either eVim or Cream to start with. But to perform certain
      > functions more easlily i need to be able to import scripts into
      > the run.
      > The first script will reassign F-keys to make compiling a TeX source
      > file a one-key process. My target audience is scared to death of
      > anything resembling a command mode command.
      > The second script will be needed only when a file contains
      > information saved in txt form from MSWord. It will handle
      > things like left and right quotes, elipses, and em dashes.
      > The problem is this: both eVim and Cream start out in insertmode.
      > How do I configure a script in a way that will disable
      > insertmode temporarily, do its thing, and then set insertmode
      > again. The last part is easy. But the first part is a chicken and
      > egg problem. Again for simplicity I want to avoid a user
      > instruction like:
      > 1. Disable insertmode from a menu selection.
      > 2. import the script
      > 3. Enable insertmode.
      > So, how do I do the equivalent of <Ctrl-L> as the first statement
      > of a script?
      > Alternatively, if the first script is included on the command
      > line of a Gvim run, and includes set insertmode as its last
      > instruction, will I have the equivalent of eVim, or do I need to
      > do other changes as well?
      > All replies appreciated.
      > John Culleton
      > PS I have tied knots in the corners of my handkechief per the
      > instructions.
      > JC

      :imap <F7> <C-O>:source ~/myscript<CR>
      :imenu S&pecial.CompileTe&X<Tab>F7 <C-O>:source ~/myscript<CR>

      :help 'insertmode'
      and notice the paragraph starting "- Use CTRL-O" six or seven lines lower
      :help menus

      Best regards,
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