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Re: Word completion & character case & smart case

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  • Tim Chase
    ... Not to the best of my knowledge as you describe it. However, if you turn on the ignorecase setting ( :set ic ), you ll get auto-completion that will
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2005
      > Now what I would like to have is:
      > After a lower case a: ab, ac, ad After an upper case A: Ab,
      > Ac, Ad
      > Can this be done somehow by setting some option yet unknown to
      > me?

      Not to the best of my knowledge as you describe it. However, if
      you turn on the 'ignorecase' setting (":set ic"), you'll get
      auto-completion that will change the case of your initial "a", so
      if you have your above example, you'll progressively get "ab",
      "ac", "Ad", whether you've typed an "a" or an "A".

      I fooled around with something like the following mapping, but
      didn't have any luck...the <c-p> kept getting interpreted in
      Normal mode, rather than in insert mode. Bug? I dunno.

      inoremap <c-p> <c-o>:let
      "[A-Z]")+1<cr><c-p><c-o>:exec "norm g".(isUpperCase?"U":"u")."iw"<cr>

      The mapping wouldn't deal, as it currently stands, with multiple
      attempts to use <c-p> to keep reselecting new tries, but that
      might be feasible after this.

      The above mapping *should*, upon pressing <c-p> in insert mode,
      set the variable "isUpperCase" according to the last letter you
      typed; then perform a genuine <c-p> (where it's currently
      failing); then execute the normal mode command to either do
      "gUiw" or "guiw" based on the setting of "isUpperCase". I'd
      continue from here, trying to remedy the multiple-tries aspect,
      but it's kinda fruitless if I can't get the genuine <c-p> to
      behave properly.

      Alternatively, if you wanted it based on the first letter of your
      word, rather than the most recently typed letter, you can change the




      Anybody have any ideas why that <c-p> would be interpreted in
      normal mode rather than insert mode?

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