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Re: Modes of Mapping - Query

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  • A. J. Mechelynck
    ... See :help map-overview and in general :help map.txt . The difference of noremap vs. map is that the former is not recursive. Now let s see the various
    Message 1 of 2 , May 30, 2005
      Varun Gupta wrote:
      > Hi
      > The concept of mapping in VIM is just too good n off
      > late has evoked a lot of interest . But I am still not
      > clear regarding the various mappings
      > i.e vnoremap , nnoremap , nmap , etc etc ....
      > Is there any information regarding this ???
      > Best Regards
      > Varun

      See ":help map-overview" and in general ":help map.txt".

      The difference of noremap vs. map is that the former is not recursive.

      Now let's see the various commands:

      nmap Normal mode only
      vmap Visual mode only
      omap Operator-pending (e.g., for a "motion" command after y d etc.)
      imap Insert or Replace mode only
      cmap Command-line mode only
      lmap mappings which are turned on or off together with keymaps
      ":lmap" is only rarely used as such; but every line after the
      "loadkeymap" command in a keymap is interpreted as an lmap.

      map Normal, Visual or Operator-pending
      map! Insert, Replace or Command-line modes

      map (with no arguments): list all n- v- or o- mappings
      map! (with no arguments): list all i- (r-) or c- mappings

      map {lhs} list mappings for that particular {lhs}

      map {lhs} {rhs} define a mapping from {lhs} to {rhs}

      unmap {lhs} remove all n- v- o- mappings for that {lhs}
      similarly: unmap! iunmap cunmap vunmap etc.

      mapclear remove any n- v- o- mappings for any {lhs}
      similarly: mapclear! imapclear vmapclear etc.

      Best regards,
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