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Re: vim help to html convertion

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  • Eugene M. Minkovskii
    On Thu, May 26, 2005 at 07:54:54PM +0200, Luc Hermitte wrote: Hello. * On Thu, May 26, 2005 at 08:38:17PM +0400, Eugene M. Minkovskii
    Message 1 of 4 , May 27, 2005
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      On Thu, May 26, 2005 at 07:54:54PM +0200, Luc Hermitte wrote:
      " Hello.
      " * On Thu, May 26, 2005 at 08:38:17PM +0400, Eugene M. Minkovskii <emin@...> wrote:
      " > Have anybody converter fromvim help files to html, which can
      " > prodused hypertext documentation like following:
      " > http://vimdoc.sourceforge.net/htmldoc/usr_toc.html
      " >
      " > I can write converter in python, but perhaps this work allready
      " > done by other people.
      " I use a non-official variation of the scripts used to generated those
      " pages.
      " It is available as a Perl script and a Perl module (which tries to
      " autodetect where vim is installed) at:
      " http://hermitte.free.fr/vim/ressources/tools/
      " It has been used to generate the HTML version of my vim scripts, of the
      " documentation of my vim plugins, and even my Mutt configuration files.
      " The results can be checked on my web site:
      " -> http://hermitte.free.fr/vim/ressources/vimfiles/plugin/ *.html
      " -> http://hermitte.free.fr/vim/ressources/vimfiles/doc/ *.html
      " -> http://hermitte.free.fr/mutt/files/mailrc/ muttrc.html
      " -> ....
      " HTH,

      Thank you Luc. I was tying to run your script under my FreeBSD
      mashine, but your script need to some tuning. First of all,
      VimDetect.pm module don't know about FreeBSD system, but know
      only about windows, cygwin and linux. So I change line 377 from

      elsif ($^O =~ /linux/ && vim_bin=='vim') {


      elsif ($^O =~ /linux|bsd/ && vim_bin=='vim') {

      After that your script die in line 310 of vim2html3.pl because he
      can't see file rgb.txt at /usr/local/share/vim/vim63.

      If you need my bugreporting, I can wrote you more, but I don't
      know perl wery well, and can't fix most of problems by myself. I
      can only report it to you. Because My language is python :)

      Moreover. I think that idea html generating of installed vim
      helps not very usefull. I think more usefull is to made html from
      help file located in some abstract directory. For example: I'm a
      russian user, I don't need to install russian help for some
      reason. But I need to generate html from not installed russian
      help files. Undestand me?

      Sensory yours, Eugene Minkovskii
      Сенсорно ваш, Евгений Миньковский
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