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Re: vim 6.3.......left wrap not working for backspace

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  • Antoine J. Mechelynck
    ... HTH, Tony.
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 5 2:19 PM
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      Ankur Nayak wrote:
      > I just installed vim6.3 on fc2 in my home directory....but backspace
      > is not working properly.....When my cursor is at the beginning of any
      > line in insert mode and i press backspace nothing is
      > happening...Ideally, the cursor should come at the end of the previous
      > line and the 2 lines should be joined....but this isn't seem to be
      > happening....I checked for the 'whichwrap' option....It shows the
      > following output...whichwrap=b,s.....which ( as far as i know) means
      > that backspace is set for wrap at the end of lines......Is there any
      > other option which I need to set to get my thing working???....
      > Any help will be appreciated.....
      > ( If you happen to reply to this question .....then please look at my
      > previous post also....my question in the prev post is still
      > unanswered....I am waiting for a reply...Thanks in advance....)
      :help 'backspace'

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