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Re: Shifty ;) behavior in insert/visual mode

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... I cannot reproduce it with vim -u NONE . It requires doing :set nocp . What happens then is that the -- INSERT -- message is going to overwrite the 3
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 4, 2004
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      J. Scott Merritt wrote:

      > No response to my first message - perhaps because it is harder to
      > reproduce than I previously thought. Using Vim 6.1:
      > Create an <arbitrary file> containing "a", "b", "c", each on a separate
      > line, without an quotation marks. Then
      > vi -u NONE <arbitrary file>
      > i <C-o> V <Down> <Down> >
      > where you are attempting to shift the three lines one
      > shift-width to the right by entering the final ">". Notice
      > the long delay between the ">" shift command and the
      > resultant shift.
      > During this time "3 lines >ed 1 time" appears on the
      > status line.
      > Interestingly, the delay does *not* occur when the selected
      > block only includes the first two lines ???
      > Also the command ":vnoremap > >" seems to correct
      > this problem !
      > Any thoughts on what is happening here ?

      I cannot reproduce it with "vim -u NONE". It requires doing ":set

      What happens then is that the "-- INSERT --" message is going to
      overwrite the "3 lines >ed 1 time" message. Vim briefly delays here, so
      that you can read the message. If you type any character the delay is

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