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Re: Mapping normal number keys

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  • George V. Reilly
    There has long been some special case handling in the Win32 versions of Vim and Gvim to allow you to omit the Shift when typing certain control characters:
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 7, 2004
      There has long been some special case handling in the Win32 versions of Vim
      and Gvim to allow you to omit the Shift when typing certain control
      Ctrl-2 -> Ctrl-Shift-2 -> Ctrl-@ Shift-2 == @
      Ctrl-6 -> Ctrl-Shift-6 -> Ctrl-^ Shift-6 == ^
      Ctrl - -> Ctrl-Shift - -> Ctrl _ Shift - == _

      Otherwise, Ctrl+digit combinations are thrown away.

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      Subject: RE: Mapping normal number keys


      I tried the C-Q C-V C-1...0 combos. C-2 (^@), C-6 (^^) were picked up but
      the others did not register as a keypress. My keyboard is set to US keymap
      in Windows I have tried this with gvim -u NONE -U NONE as well, no luck.

      BTW, slightly off topic, the e-mail system here is complaining that the list
      bounce copy of the e-mails I send to the vim@... list are being spoofed.
      This is because the from: portion of the message has my e-mail address. I
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      Subject: Re: Mapping normal number keys

      Myron Alexander <MAlexander@...> wrote:
      > Tony,
      > Thanks for your help.
      > It seems my copy of gVim 6.2/6.3b on Windows 2000 does not pick up
      > the C-1,C-3..C-5,C-7..C-0 keys no matter what I set encoding; it
      > seems the keys do not exist for windows version. Any suggestions?
      > Regards,
      > Myron.
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      Sorry, not from me. Maybe from someone else?

      The people on this mailing list are mostly just plain "users" of (g)vim,
      nothing more. Some of them may know more about one aspect of Vim's
      functioning, others about another aspect. As long as you aren't straying
      off-topic, please reply to the list (for instance by using the "Reply to
      All" button), not "only" by private mail.

      For those who haven't read the previous posts on this thread, it was about
      not succeeding to map the Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, ..., Ctrl-9, Ctrl-0 keys (i.e. the
      keys on the top row of the alphabet keyboard when CTRL is pressed) on a W2K

      BTW, Myron, how is your keyboard set up? What language and country? (Mine is
      French_Belgium, for instance.) Also, have you tried, in gvim in Insert mode,
      to press those Ctrl-<digit> keys prefixed by Ctrl-V (or by Ctrl-Q if your
      Ctrl-V does a paste)? And what happened?



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