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Re: Big file editing (as discussed earlier)

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  • Fritz Mehner
    ... I use the attached lines as part of my .vimrc Fritz ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Open big files
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 26, 2004
      Alexander Sorg schrieb:
      > Hi!
      > I copied the code from Tip #611 to my vimrc, but now I get errors when I
      > start gvim, either with or without filename as argument. The errors are:
      > (I have the german localised version, so the error text might not be
      > correct)
      > Error at execution "BufEnter Autocommands for "*"":
      > E15: invalid expression: <afile>)) <...
      > E116: Arguments not allowed for function expand(<afile>)) <...
      > E116: Arguments not allowed for function getfsize(expand(...
      > E15: invalid expression: getfsize(expand(<afile>)) <...
      > As far as I understand, the expresion <afile> is not valid when the
      > command is executed. Is vimrc the wrong place for this?
      > On Fri, 26 Mar 2004, Fritz Mehner wrote:
      >>Alexander Sorg schrieb:
      >>>Sometimes I edit huge text files, 20MB or more - even 100's of MB can
      >>>occur, on a netword drive. I remember a discussion on this list, how to
      >>>prevent the creation of a backup file for huge files, but I can't find any
      >>>reference now.
      >>>Can anyone please either repost a summary or send me a message-index so
      >>>I can get the messages or the digest?
      >>Vim Tip #611
      > Kind regards,
      > Alex.

      I use the attached lines as part of my .vimrc

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