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Re: ANN: Latex-suite 1.5 released

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  • Srinath Avadhanula
    [Sorry for the late reply. I usually do not hang around in this ml too frequently.] ... Well, thats what the pre-release was for :) ... I seem to have the same
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 9 11:31 AM
      [Sorry for the late reply. I usually do not hang around in this ml too

      On Sat, 6 Sep 2003, Pan Shizhu wrote:

      > Sorry but I have some bugs to report.

      Well, thats what the pre-release was for :)

      > I'm using tar (GNU tar) 1.13.25 on the platform: cygwin1.3.22(0.78/3/2)
      > and got the error message when decompressing:
      > tar: Archive value 83617 is out of uid_t range 0..65535
      I seem to have the same problem using cygwin tar, but strangely enough,
      the files unpack just fine. I created the .tar.gz file using the tar
      utility on sourceforge.net's shell.

      > It may be better to add a line to line 203 compiler/tex.vim, like the
      > following, otherwise, the irritating pdfTeX warning will be recognized
      > as Error instead of warning.
      > pansz:~/vimfiles/compiler$ diff -c tex.vim tex.vim.new
      > *** tex.vim Thu Jul 24 08:29:00 2003
      > --- tex.vim.new Sat Sep 6 15:55:49 2003
      > ***************
      > *** 201,206 ****
      > --- 201,207 ----
      > endif
      > setlocal efm+=%E!\ LaTeX\ %trror:\ %m
      > + setlocal efm+=%W!\ pdfTeX\ warning\ %m
      > setlocal efm+=%E!\ %m
      > setlocal efm+=%+WLaTeX\ %.%#Warning:\ %.%#line\ %l%.%#
      Thanks for the patch. I'll add this, but I haven't used pdlatex much.
      What warning is this?

      > Every TeX file are opened with all folding items folded, even if I have
      > a set fdl=3 in my .vimrc file.
      > This is very inconvenient, especially when the tex file contains only
      > one chapter.
      This seems to be a quirky bug to fix. I added a simple :set fdl=3 at the
      end of MakeTexFolds() in ftplugin/latex-suite/folding.vim just to see if
      it has any effect, but strangely it does seem to have an effect at all!
      I will have to investigate further. I have a feeling that I am running
      into some autocommand nesting-ness problems again, in which case it will
      be slightly painful to solve.

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