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Re: vim patches and patchdiff

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    Bram Moolenaar et cc: vim@vim.org Sent by:
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 2, 2003
      Bram Moolenaar
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      07/02/2003 07:42

      Brett Stahlman wrote:

      > I have 2 questions:
      > 1) A week or so ago, Bram sent a patch, to address a problem I had with
      > newlines in submatch() expressions. The patch worked. Last night,
      however, I
      > looked in the patch directory on Vim.org and noticed that it wasn't
      > even though there were a few patchfiles from dates after the date I
      > the patch on the list. Is it possible that the change was made to the
      > but just not included in an official "patch"? The reason I ask is that I
      > to be sure that when I download future versions of Vim I don't lose the
      fix (I
      > might have forgotten about or lost the patch by then, or it could
      > even be obsolete by then).

      >I'm lagging behind in sending out patches. I'm just very short on time
      >this month. The patch you refer to is in my patch-todo-list.

      Thanks. Mostly I just wanted to be sure it would be part of the next
      official release...

      Brett S.
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