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Re: bell anyone

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  • Robin Becker
    In article , Tim Chase writes ... ..... I m sure I didn t delete that key, but I notice several
    Message 1 of 5 , May 2, 2003
      In article <BAY2-DAV67BzaqtESe800006820@...>, Tim Chase
      <gumnos@...> writes
      >> On the home machine (after reading the email) I have added
      >> .Default/.Default
      >> /.Current
      >> to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/AppEvents/Schemes/Apps/.Default
      >> with default value "Default Beep". And after selecting this in the
      >> control panel sound events pane and changing to ding.wav, I can now get
      >> a bell in GVim.
      >> There has to be a better way to get such simple things to work in a
      >> modern OS.
      >Well, it does work fairly well...for some reason, this regularly availble
      >key (it should be there after a fresh install) got hosed on your box.
      >Shouldn't go blaming the OS for something most likely bungled by a
      >third-party app (or dare I say user? ;-) Though you sound savvy enough to
      >not go around deleting random reg. keys)
      >Additionally, you can change this value now so if you like something other
      >than the ding.wav, you can have your choice of sfx. (though it percolates
      >throughout the system as the default ding)
      ..... I'm sure I didn't delete that key, but I notice several other apps
      have been scribbling into that area. As for the OS, it's the OS that
      makes the use of complex data structures to describe simple things.
      Robin Becker
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