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Re: Inadequate functionality for sign related commands

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... The sign funcionality has been designed to be used by a program or script. It s not something you type manually. ... You are supposed to keep a list of
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2003
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      Hari Krishna Dara wrote:

      > While using signs for my breakpts.vim script that I recently posted
      > (which can be used to set breakpoints in vim functions), I have observed
      > lack of functions/commands for doing certain things:

      The sign funcionality has been designed to be used by a program or
      script. It's not something you type manually.

      > - There are no functions to check if a sign is set. I had to search
      > the output of "sign place" for the current line with the sign name
      > for this. This is how I did it, if anyone is interested:

      You are supposed to keep a list of the placed signs yourself. This
      should not be too difficult, using a buffer-local variable.

      > - There are no commands to clear all the signs in a buffer/file or
      > defined with a particular type. "sing unplace *" removes all signs
      > and it doesn't take a buffer=<nr> option. I will have to get the
      > output of "sign place" and unplace them individually, by searching
      > for the appropriate signs, which is a pain.

      If you remember which signs have been placed, you know how to remove
      them. This does require using a loop, but that should not be too

      > - In general I was puzzled by the fact that only the sign place
      > command accepts name where as others don't. Is this a design flaw?

      The sign placement isn't simple, that is true. It was designed to be
      used by Sun Workshop and Netbeans. It's a little bit of puzzling, but I
      haven't found something useful that is not possible.

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