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Re: help on help windows

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  • Antoine J. Mechelynck
    ... From: Payal Rathod To: Vim Mailing List Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2003 1:51 PM Subject: help on help windows ...
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      From: "Payal Rathod" <payal@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2003 1:51 PM
      Subject: help on help windows

      > Hi,
      > A question on help windows.
      > When someone tells me to refer to help I do,
      > :help <topic>
      > and a help window pops up. I covers almost 4/5 of my screen. Now I want
      > to read a part of help and switch back to full mode of my orginal window
      > to try help. I do not want to :q the help cos' I might require it. Just
      > switch the windows.
      > One solution is I make 2 windows half the screen and use ctrl-w to
      > switch between them. But I want to switch to original window with full
      > screen. Any ways to do this?
      > Thanks a lot and bye.
      > With regards,
      > -Payal
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      Ctrl-W _
      will make the current window as large as possible
      Ctrl-W =
      will make all windows the same size again
      Dragging a status line with the mouse will alter the sizes of the two
      neighbouring windows. If the one being reduced is already at its smallest
      size, vim will try to reduce the one(s) immediately farther than it, if any.
      So (for instance) pushing one status line all the way to the bottom will
      reduce all windows lower than it to their smallest size.

      A few options (there are others):
      * 'winminheight' defines the minimum height of a window (not counting
      the window's status line). The default is 1 (at least one screenline of data
      visible). Setting this option to zero (:set wmh=0) allows inactive windows
      to be reduced to only a status line. The currently active window, however,
      will always show at least the screenline the cursor is on.
      * 'helpheight' defines the size of the help window when a :help
      command opens it. Setting this to a very large number (for instance, :set
      hh=999) makes the help window as big as possible, reducing all other windows
      to the 'winminheight'.
      * 'equalalways' makes all windows the same size. Some operations,
      such as changing the number of windows with :new or :quit, will have the
      same effect as if they had been followed by Ctrl-W = (However, it is still
      possible to manually make the windows temporarily unequal, for instance by
      Ctrl-W _ or by dragging status lines with the mouse).

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