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Re: vim & arabic

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  • Antoine J. Mechelynck
    ... Believe it or not, neither can I, except for a few words and phrases. This one is a classical formula used when meeting people in polite society, it means
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 2, 2003
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      Steve Hall <digitect@...> wrote:
      > Tony Mechelynck wrote:
      > > Hi Steve -- as-salaamu `alaikum wa rahmatu-llaahi wa barakatuhu.
      > Believe it or not, my advocacy of this patch has nothing to do with my
      > ability to speak Arabic... I can't! (Guess I'll need a translation.)

      Believe it or not, neither can I, except for a few words and phrases. This
      one is a classical formula used when meeting people in polite society, it
      means "Peace unto you and God's benevolence and His blessing".

      > I
      > know there's a considerable population that could make use of this
      > functionality so I view it as a betterment of Vim for the community.
      > Figuring Arabeyes is a good test bed for speakers, I decided the least
      > I could do is test on the other side as Bram requested several times,
      > and take a stand that it was a GoodThing.

      I agree.

      > > - I have now started using the existing digraphs for entering Arabic
      > > text. I find them satisfactory though some of them are a little
      > > strange. I notice that there is a glyph but no digraph for
      > > alif-wasla; that is not a major problem as I can either use Ctrl-V u
      > > 0671 or create my own digraph.
      > Sounds like another point to forward to the patch author.

      The problem is not in the patch IMO, it's in the Unicode digraphs subset. (I
      believe the digraphs should be common to at least all +multi_byte versions.)
      As I said, not very important.
      > > - Contrary to what I said in my earlier post (the one you fwd'ed),
      > > my "crash" problem has not disappeared. I often get crashes in gvim
      > > 6.1.300 +w32 +ole (from http://cream.sourceforge.net/vim.html ) when
      > > I press the <F8> key, which I have mapped to ":set rightleft!" (w/o
      > > quotes of course). I wonder what I'm missing?
      > I've had no problems with stability, but don't speak a language using
      > &rightleft either. Could be a bug.

      it would be needed for Arabic wouldn't it. I don't know if it's related to
      my "big fonts". I was about to say "or my vocalised text" though last time I
      had it it was unvocalised text; the alif of every laam-alif is treated as a
      combining character however. Or could it be long lines with 'nowrap'?
      > > Of course I can still edit the file with 'noarabic' and
      > > 'norightleft' but that means displaying Arabic text in reverse
      > > orientation.
      > Working around crashes with norightleft is undesirable, :set arabic
      > should JustWork.

      I agree, so I hope some future patch will address this. I'm not sure how to
      get a traceback or a dump.

      > Is it a Windows-specific problem... anybody else
      > noticed this on another OS? The author said he's only used it on Unix,
      > perhaps it is a platform thing?
      > > - Arabic documentation for vim is still needed.
      > The author acknowledged the need for this, I'm waiting for an update.
      > > I wonder what that [:set arabic] option does though. Apparently one
      > > of its side-effects is to set 'rightleft' but what else?
      > Just noticed it effects gq somehow. Like you, not sure what else.

      huh-huh. Didn't notice that 'cuz I don't use reformatting.
      > > - I'm sending this to the vim ML (to which I subscribe) but not to
      > > Arabeyes (I don't think I should get an account there since I could
      > > certainly not work as "translator" and only marginally as
      > > "developer" -- or should I open an account anyway?). Forward it or
      > > not as you see fit.

      Sorry it finally didn't appear on the vim list: I used the wrong identity.
      This time I'll be more careful.
      > At this point, I have still not heard a response on the previous
      > comments so I'm not going to forward any more until I hear something.
      > There appeared to be considerable enthusiasm for getting the patch
      > into the official tree initially, so I thought it would go quickly.
      > But having not heard back, I'm in waiting mode.
      > Being a non-coder, I'm in no position to do it myself.

      Ditto. I've done programming in my time, but I don't have a functioning C
      compiler anymore.

      > IMO, this patch
      > is still looking for an advocate who can polish the code and bring it
      > into line with what would be acceptable as an official Vim patch.
      > Shame, really, seems like the hard part has been done. Oh, well, such
      > is the course in this development model sometimes.
      Sooner or later one is bound to appear (insha'llah).
      > Steve Hall [ |digitect|AT|mindspring|DOT|com| ]

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