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Re: Problem with menu item

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  • Klaus Bosau
    ... 152kB and 34 kB? You re at the edge... ;-) ... W98 (here) ... About 160 kB. ... I did a somehow radical experiment with 39179 Dummies (including me) resp.
    Message 1 of 15 , Jan 1, 2003
      On Wed, 1 Jan 2003, Benji Fisher wrote:

      > Since your answer is "yes," I am coming around to your point of
      > view. I do not use all that many plugins. I do use the LaTeX suite,
      > http://www.vim.org/script.php?script_id=475
      > and $VIMRUNTIME/macros/matchit.vim .

      152kB and 34 kB? You're at the edge... ;-)

      > What is your OS?

      W98 (here)

      > How many plugins (in KB, say) do you use?

      About 160 kB.

      > If it really is an out-of-memory problem, it should be possible to
      > reproduce with your testmenu.vim and enough dummy functions (defined
      > but not invoked) of the form
      > fun! Dummy1()
      > echo "This is dummy function #1."
      > let foo = 1
      > let bar = 2
      > if foo == bar
      > echo "Problems have started!"
      > endif
      > endfun
      > How many does it take?

      I did a somehow radical experiment with 39179 Dummies (including me)
      resp. 5.7 MB of source'd material. This made Vim go crazy a bit. ;-)
      Looks not so bad though, but of course this might become easier as soon
      as the structures become more complicated. (I actually don't think that
      it is a simple allocation problem.) Keep in mind too, the script
      referred to didn't contain any active parts as the menu problem showed
      up. (It has not yet been started!) Which kind of interference could have
      taken place here?

      Kind regards,

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