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Re: Dragging the statusline with the mouse behaves different on different systems

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  • Piet Delport
    ... What is your term set to? Try setting it to xterm2 if it is currently set to xterm at your home PC. (See :h ttymouse , and particularly :h
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2002
      On Thu, 31 Oct 2002 at 20:09:07 +0100, Christl Timon wrote:
      > I resize windows in vim using the mouse, and found something strange
      > yesterday. The behaviour of dragging the status lines differs between my
      > vim at home (case A) and my vim here at university (case B). The
      > difference is a follows:
      > In case A: I start dragging a status line, but the windows above and
      > below it are not shown resized until I release the mouse button. Then a
      > repaint is triggered. In case B: I see immediate repaints.
      > gvim behaves like B in both cases.
      > The question is: why is this so, and how can I fix it (in other words,
      > make vim behave like in case B in both cases).
      > The strange thing is, the system is pretty much the same: the same xterm
      > of XFree4.1, the same X resources pertaining xterms, almost the same
      > ./configure switches at compile time, almost the same patch level,
      > exactly the same .vimrc. The only thing that's different is the Linux
      > distribution (Redhat @ uni vs Gentoo @ home). I would be glad if someone
      > could help me, or at least give me some hints. Thanks in advance.

      What is your 'term' set to? Try setting it to "xterm2" if it is
      currently set to "xterm" at your home PC.

      (See :h 'ttymouse', and particularly :h xterm-mouse, for details.)

      Piet Delport
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