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Re: Save file w/ orig mtime?

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  • Colin Keith
    ... *nod* Makes sense. ... Ignore it, its meaningless :) ... Correct. ... On this line I m opening the file and executing the commands: source mtime.vim
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 1, 2002
      On Mon, Jul 01, 2002 at 01:57:31AM +0000, Soren Andersen wrote:
      > text but I would not be. I would typically be wanting to be
      > (re)formatting some textfile (say, a news or email posting saved to my

      *nod* Makes sense.
      > Thank you very much for the work you put in. I have to admit I am
      > puzzled by some of it. Who or what is "- sed bob" anyway? Is that a

      Ignore it, its meaningless :)

      > "~/vim/mtime.vim"). Then if I ':source [pathtothisfile]mtime.vim' I
      > will be able to do... something ...


      > openbox% vim header.js -c 'so ~/vim/mtime.vim|call append("$", "//Test")|wq'

      On this line I'm opening the file and executing the commands:
      source mtime.vim " load the instructions
      call append( ... ) " Do something to change the file
      wq " Save and quit as normal.

      This is just because I could show it on the command line.

      > Sorry but the commands are pretty opaque to me. OK ... My understanding
      > is that you are in a manner typical of an expert user, combining


      > several things into a very concise (and obfuscated) form: sourcing
      > (':so') the new 'mtime.vim' file and calling ('call') the func 'append'
      > to add the line '//Test' then issuing command ':wq!' all in one
      > compound command. OK, good enough. I will play with this and see. Will

      That's completely correct. It was just a compact way to say "look this was
      the last modification time, and the last line of the file, now I do something
      to the file and the last 2 lines are this, but the last modification time
      hasn't changed"

      > the mtime.vim code affect other buffers that might be open at the same
      > time, because I use GVIM and usually have split windows? Will there be
      > anything 'global' I have to watch out for or will only the file I've
      > opened with the ':so[urce]' command be affected by the directive to
      > "save with no change in mtime"?

      Yes it will affect all saves. If you wanted to restrict it, change the
      autocmd pattern match from * to something else. If you only wanted it to
      apply to files in your mail directory (for example) you could replace the
      * with a directory to match. See the help for "autocmd" for details on this.


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