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  • Srinath Avadhanula
    Hello All! Here s another (and even more improved) version of latex-suite. There have been several changes to it since last time. The main changes since last
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2002
      Hello All!

      Here's another (and even more improved) version of latex-suite. There
      have been several changes to it since last time.

      The main changes since last time:
      1. Mikolaj Machowski's translated tex-info file as a vim help file is
      included. after installation, use :he \kill for instance to lookup
      the latex docs for \kill.
      2. A latex dictionary (again my Mikolaj).
      For use with CTRL-X_CTRL-K
      3. A very much improved compiler/tex.vim plugin which offers dynamic
      customization of warning levels etc.

      I have also begun writing up a documentation file which contains all the
      info in much more detail. This can be found in doc/latex-suite.txt.
      After installing latex-suite, you will need to do :help latex-suite to
      get all the details.

      The URL for latex-suite:


      A brief installation guide follows after the OVERVIEW. It also turns out
      that I messed up the attributions in my last mail. Therefore a CREDITS
      section follows the installation guide.

      Also, if you would like to help, there's a little TODO list at the very
      end of this mail. This is a small list of things which need to be done.
      It would be great if someone pitched in. As always, suggestions for
      improvement are greatly welcome.

      OVERVIEW *latex-suite-overview* {{{

      The tools which are included in LaTeX suite can be grouped together as

      |latex-macros| Latex-suite ships with a set of commonly used macros used
      in LaTeX. This section gives a brief introduction to these
      and describes ways of selectively disabling some macros
      which you might not find useful.

      |latex-menus| This suite also ships with a comprehensive set of
      menus which can serve as a good reference point for
      those little used LaTeX commands and symbols.

      |latex-help| Mikolaj Machowski's translated tex-info file into
      a vim help file provides a way to look up help on
      LaTeX commands while still in vim.

      |latex-dictionary| A dictionary of latex terms which makes typing latex

      |latex-folding| This version of the latex suite also comes with
      a plugin which generates "fake" syntax folds based
      on latex syntax. This section describes how to
      specify or change the folding specification or
      disable it entirely if you have another system set
      up for folding latex documents.

      |latex-compiling| This version of latex-suite ships with a version of
      the compiler specification which produces slightly
      less verbose output. It can also be dynamically
      re-configured to change the verbosity level. NOTE:
      The latest version of the tex compiler does _not_
      need vimlatex, which it used to in the previous
      2 sections. Most of the stuff can now be internally
      handled by Vim. MikTeX users on win32 systems might
      still need to use vimlatex occassionally.

      |latex-viewing| This is a set of functions which open up the
      compiled .dvi document using the specified DVI

      |latex-searching| Xdvi (for UNIX) and Yap (for Windows) both provide
      ways for "forward searching" LaTeX documents. This
      section describes how to use these features and how
      to set up your dvi viewer to best use this feature.

      |latex-tools| This version of latex-suite also ships with
      2 external tools: 1. |vimlatex| an external utility
      which filters the output of the latex compiler in
      order to ensure a more robust error-parsing.
      Although most people will be able to live without it
      for most of the time, it is still included here
      mostly for posterity's sake. 2. |ltags| A script to
      generate a tags file. It recognizes files being
      \input'ed into a main file. (ltags is written by
      Dimitri Antoniou)


      Heres a little installation and usage guide:

      1. Installation:
      i. copy latexSuite.zip to $HOME/.vim (UNIX) or $HOME\vimfiles (DOS).
      ii. unzip at that location ("unzip latexSuite.zip")
      iii. run the following command from the prompt:
      > vim -c 'helptags ~/.vim/doc' -c q (UNIX)
      > vim -c 'helptags ~/vimfiles/doc' -c q (DOS)
      Step iii installs the help files for latex-suite and also the
      translated latex help file by Mikolaj Machowski.

      2. More information: The file doc/latex-suite contains additional
      information. If you have installed the local help (step 1.iii
      above), then doing :help latex-suite from within vim should be
      enough. Otherwise, you can go to $HOME/.vim/doc and read


      And finally, the credits:

      Benji Fisher : a large number of functions, environments and valuable
      Lubomir Host : provided the diacritics and also helped in development.
      Alexander Wagner : had some valuable suggestions during development
      Luc Hermitte : his variation of Stephen Riehm's bracketing system is used
      in latex-suite
      NOTE: this is actually not implemented yet.
      Gergely Kontra : the clever little JumpFunc() in imaps.vim is due to him.
      Dimitri Antoniou : author of ltags and also provided the nice tip about
      forward / reverse search on DVI documents.
      Stephen Riehm : the extremely helpful bracketing system is from him.
      Alan Schmitt : provided some macros/folding elements.

      A large number of functions in latex-suite come from various other people.
      Some of those people might have been missed here. Each function should however
      have the author's name/e-mail above it. Thats the more authoritative place to
      check out who has done what.


      1. The environment mappings / macros are not really as cohesive as they
      should be. I would love to also include Benji Fisher's texmacro.vim
      which has a lot of macros which have a "wizard" feel (i.e, it asks
      you questions and puts up the macros). However, as of now,
      texmacros.vim uses 'put=' to put the new lines, and has hardcoded
      spaces, etc which is not elegant enough since it does not preserve
      the user's 'sw', 'ts', and 'indentexpr' settings. these are a really
      nice set of macros and if someone can convert them so they use <C-r>=
      instead, it would be great.
      For example, right now, we have things like:

      function! s:Something()
      put=' \item'
      normal! kA
      inoremenu Tex.Something <esc>:call <SID>Something()
      this i think could be vastly improved as:
      function! s:Something()
      let ret = ret."\\begin{itemize}"."\<CR>"
      let ret = ret."\\item "."\<CR>"
      let ret = ret."\\end{itemize}"
      let ret = ret."\<up>\<C-o>$"
      return ret
      inoremenu Tex.Something <C-r>=<SID>Something()
      1. preserves insert mode.
      2. perserves filetype specific indentation
      3. uses the 'sw' and 'ts' settings automatically.

      2. Documentation for things is still incomplete.

      3. Luc Hermitte's alternative to the bracketing system which uses
      alternate place-holder characters is still to be implemented.

      Finally, here's what the archive should unzip to:
      ~/vimfiles (DOS)
      ~/.vim (UNIX)
      | ltags
      | vimlatex
      | tex.vim
      | latex-suite.txt
      | latexhelp.txt
      | | tex.vim
      | |
      | \---tex
      | dictionary
      | texmenus.vim
      | tex.vim


      Srinath Avadhanula
      Mar 26 7:32pm
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    • Srinath Avadhanula
      Sorry to be replying to my own mail and adding to the noise, but in the last 2 hours or so, it was pointed out that the version I had uploaded on the web was
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 1, 2002
        Sorry to be replying to my own mail and adding to the noise, but in the
        last 2 hours or so, it was pointed out that the version I had uploaded
        on the web was broken. (because I had put an older version there).

        For those of you who downloaded it soon after the initial announcement,
        please download it again. I will also make another check later in the
        morning tomorrow.



        In our last exciting episode, on Sun, 31 Mar 2002, Srinath Avadhanula said:
        > Hello All!
        > Here's another (and even more improved) version of latex-suite. There
        > have been several changes to it since last time.
        Srinath Avadhanula
        Apr 1 2:42am
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