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Re: abnormal behaviour of [m

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... [m doesn t know about inner classes. Best is not to use inner classes. -- So this is it, said Arthur, we are going to die. Yes, said Ford,
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 30, 2002
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      Gowri S wrote:

      > From Documentation:
      > [m Go to [count] previous start of a method (for Java or
      > similar structured language). When not after the
      > start of a method, jump to the start or end of the
      > class. When no '{' is found before the cursor this is
      > an error. {not in Vi}
      > VIM Version:
      > Vim 6.0 (Sep 26 2001 build) On Win2k Professional.
      > Abnormality:
      > This works well for public AND private classes in a file, but
      > for inner classes, a [m in any of the methods of the inner class
      > jumps to the start of the inner class rather than the start of the
      > method. Is this a bug? If so are there any patches available?
      > Or is there something else i need to do to get this behaviour
      > right? If so, what is that?

      [m doesn't know about inner classes. Best is not to use inner classes.

      "So this is it," said Arthur, "we are going to die."
      "Yes," said Ford, "except...no! Wait a minute!" He suddenly lunged across
      the chamber at something behind Arthur's line of vision. "What's this
      switch?" he cried.
      "What? Where?" cried Arthur, twisting around.
      "No, I was only fooling," said Ford, "we are going to die after all."
      -- Douglas Adams, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

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