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RE: Vim Regina: tragedy in .5 act

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  • Gary Holloway
    / FROM: Kesteloot, Lawrence , Nov 2 10:09 2001 ... [snip] PLEASE don t take this reply they wrong way; trust me, I ve spent
    Message 1 of 19 , Nov 2, 2001
      / FROM: "Kesteloot, Lawrence" <Lawrence.Kesteloot@...>, Nov 2 10:09 2001
      | ABOUT: RE: Vim Regina: tragedy in .5 act
      | Austy Garhi (n. d'i-b.) [tgal@...] wrote:
      | > The Vim HELPFILES are a
      | > FORREST OF CONFUSION themselves! They do not let the user see
      | > how to use the Vim capabilities.
      | I agree. Although the helpfiles have answers to all the questions,
      | you need to know how to ask the questions, which is sometimes
      | the problem.
      | For a week I've been looking for the little window that you can
      | type ex commands in. I know it exists because I started it once
      | by accident. Turns out I have to type ":help cmdline-window".
      | I tried all the obvious combinations of "command" and "window"
      | and "ex" and so on. I ended up just going through the tags file of
      | the help system and grepping for "window".

      PLEASE don't take this reply they wrong way; trust me, I've spent pleanty of
      time looking for things too, and don't always find them quickly.

      In fact, when I moved to vim6, I had the exact same issue, I accidentally
      brought up the cmdline-window several times, and couldn't quite figure out
      how I'd done it (I think I actually figured out the keystrokes I was making --
      "q:" -- and got help on that, voila!).

      Certainly an index would be helpful.

      "command-line-window" help tag.

      In this particular case, a tag of command-line-window would be *extremely*
      useful. Since "command-line" shows up in the status line, it would be a
      logical token to try to get help on -- but if you try to get help on
      "command-line" (even tabbing through the matches), you don't hit a match
      for help on the command-line window; you'll get in the right help *file*,
      but nowhere near section 6.

      But, still, Ugh! (especially for someone as experienced as yourself)

      If you type ":help window<tab>..." (... == keep hitting tab), you'll
      eventually get to "cmdline-window", which sounds like a good candidate...

      If nothing else, get help on command-line (which gets you into cmdline.txt),
      and read (or at least scan) the *whole* document. Yes that's a pain, but
      would have been faster than what you went through (a week?).

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