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Re: Help with syntax Highlighting with GVim 6.0 Release needed

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  • Benji Fisher
    ... I think the idea is to put the syn sync line in a file called $VIM/vimfiles/after/syntax/asp.vim ... Let us know if it works! ... Was that on purpose? ;)
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 29, 2001
      "Arjona, Ariel" wrote:
      > I upgraded last night from gvim5.7 to gvim6.0 relase. Got the
      > self-extracting 3 MB file. I am running Windows 2000.
      > The situation is the following:
      > I use gvim to edit ASP files. Most files are over 500 lines. The thing is
      > that many times when I scroll up the syntax highlighting messes up. I had
      > that problem with gvim57 as well, and what I did was to set sync
      > minlines=1000 and for most cases that worked like a charm. My problem is:
      > minlines was set to 10 in html.vim, and I set it to 1000, but vim seems to
      > be ignoring my request.
      > I had the exact same problem with gvim5.8 but I decided not to bother and
      > continue working with 5.7 until 6.0.
      > Now that 6.0 is here I'd love to know a way to make syntax highlighting work
      > without glitches like it did with 5.7.
      > Any help is greatly appreciated. I've been waiting for 6.0 for almost a year
      > now and I'd hate to have to go back to 5.7 because of this (I can't stand
      > messed up highlighting :)

      I think the idea is to put the syn sync line in a file called

      :help mysyntaxfile-add

      Let us know if it works!

      > Ariel
      > ~
      > ~
      > :wq

      Was that on purpose? ;)

      HTH --Benji Fisher
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