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Re: two small bugs(?)

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... The problem is using iw on a single-letter word when selection is exclusive . I ll fix that. ... I can t guess why this sometimes fails. ... I ll fix
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5, 2001
      Alan G. Isaac wrote:

      > Using GVIM 6.0ap under Win 2000
      > This is fully reproducible, but is it a bug?
      > Consider selecting a single letter word,
      > such as `a' on the line above.
      > In normal mode, put your cursor on the word.
      > Type `viwl'.
      > Now copy and paste what you've got.
      > In contrast to when you do this with a multi-letter word,
      > the subsequent space is not included.
      > A clue to this arises in the anamolous highlighting
      > induced by `viw' on a single letter word.

      The problem is using "iw" on a single-letter word when 'selection' is
      "exclusive". I'll fix that.

      > The second is not reliably reproducible and may not be a Vim problem.
      > Consider the simple map:
      > imap ;wd <esc>:w|bd<cr>
      > About one time in 20, the <esc> is not processed,
      > so I see the rest of the stuff as inline text.
      > I regret that I am still not able to offer any aid
      > to reproducibility of this, but I felt I should
      > report it.

      I can't guess why this sometimes fails.

      > PS Not a bug:
      > The help under
      > :h tag-old-static
      > refers to the version of ctags included with Vim,
      > which is now no version at all I believe. ;-)

      I'll fix that.

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