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open multiple windows from kde-desktop

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  • Michael Bruening
    Hi, i m trying to use the open multiple windows -feature of gvim, running from KDE2 on SUN Solaris 8. When i run gvim -f -o file1 file2 from the terminal,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2001

      i'm trying to use the "open multiple windows"-feature of gvim, running from KDE2 on SUN Solaris 8.
      When i run "gvim -f -o file1 file2" from the terminal, it works like desired (splitted window), but if i use the same command from within a Desktop-Link (to drag'n drop files from KFM onto the icon) i get two instances of vim with one file loaded in each of them.
      I apologize if this question is regarded off-topic because of being a KDE-question.

      Many Thanks in advance,


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