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Re: AW: vim6.0ap: redrawing the screen?

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  • Ibraheem Umaru-Mohammed
    [Naumann, Michael wrote...] -| I don t see this here Linux/vim6.0aq (both gui and xterm) -| What s also strange, is that you ve got -| to redraw the screen in
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 10, 2001
      [Naumann, Michael wrote...]
      -| I don't see this here Linux/vim6.0aq (both gui and xterm)
      -| What's also strange, is that you've got
      -| to redraw the screen in the first place. Usually
      -| vim will catch a signal when resizing and do the
      -| redraw automatically.
      -| What do you get if you try to insert a <C-V><C-L> ?

      Nothing happens under Solaris. I did have problems when compiling the
      source though. The compiler was complaining about the second argument to the
      signal function - this might be related to the "signal catching" that
      you mention.

      Just had a look through the os_unix.c and there is mention there of
      introducing new defines in os_def.h for signals to handle tricky compilers...
      [SunOS 5.7 sparc/ gcc 2.8.1] I have a feeling this is my problem.

      Will look further into a possible build problem...


      Kindest regards,

      ibraheem umaru-mohammed
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