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Re: ThlnkVim-1.0 - Make Vim a hypertext editor!

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  • Stefan Bittner
    Hi Jean ... To get close to tags.vim functionality by using ThlnkVim-1.0, you would mark all your targets with `id=my_tag instead of `**my_tag** . Instead
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 27, 2001
      Hi Jean

      On Fri, Apr 27, 2001 at 12:20:51PM +0100, Jean Jordaan wrote:
      > [...]
      > I like your idea :) It reminds me of the functionality provided by Jos
      > van Riswick's 'tags.vim' It uses Vim's tags mechanism to reach a similar
      > effect. The one proviso is that link targets have to be marked: you can't
      > link to an untouched file, or to a web page.
      > The advantages are: the links are more compact, and more robust -- they can
      > easily survive files being moved around -- you just regenerate your tags file
      > on all buffers ...
      To get close to 'tags.vim' functionality by using ThlnkVim-1.0, you would mark
      all your targets with `id=my_tag' instead of `**my_tag**'. Instead of having a
      tags file which defines the link, in ThlnkVim-1.0 the source (i.e. the URL)
      defines the link. Robustness: Well, there will be a link checker, see

      http://www.bf-consulting.de/thlnk/thlnkvim/doc/tutorial.txt, below
      the item 'Examples'

      (or - if you have ThlnkVim-1.0 installed - directly at:

      The scope of ThlnkVim is much more general.

      I really like tags and I used to have a lot of self written tags files.
      Surely, generated tags files (e.g. by ctags) I shall continue to use.
      For text with a structure such, that you know what tags you have without
      having them marked explicitly (e.g. you know that a function name in C is a tag),
      tags are well suited... and support in Vim is excellent.

      > Perhaps some synergy is possible?
      I think so. I mentioned the relationship between URL based extended
      linking (what XML/XLink offers) and tags files in:

      http://www.bf-consulting.de/thlnk/thlnkvim/doc/suggest.txt , in
      the chapter `Tag file = external linking datatbase'

      (or - if ThlnkVim-1.0 installed - directly at:

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