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Re: set breakat

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  • Benji Fisher
    ... ii. The ^I is a tab, as you can check with ... --Benji Fisher
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 1, 2001
      "Alan G. Isaac" wrote:
      > I'm running gvim 5.7 under Win95.
      > i. If I try to set breakat, it is set
      > to an empty string. E.g., after starting
      > Vim I check and breakat has its default value.
      > Then I type
      > :set breakat=" ,./"
      > and breakat is then set to an empty string.
      > What am I overlooking?
      > ii. The default value of breakat is listed as
      > " ^I!@*-+_;:,./?"
      > Is ^I something special or just two characters?
      > If the latter, why `I'?
      > Thanks,
      > Alan Isaac

      i. Try escaping the space and leaving off the quotation marks:
      :set breakat=\ ,./
      :help :set
      :help option-backslash

      ii. The ^I is a tab, as you can check with

      :echo char2nr(&breakat[1]) char2nr("\<Tab>")

      --Benji Fisher
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