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RE: Loading a header directly from a C module

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  • Michael Geddes
    This is my stuff to do it.. it does some buffer smarts, and allows for ugly microsoftish things (like not differentiating btwn c & c++ headers. ...
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 31, 2001
      This is my stuff to do it.. it does some buffer smarts, and allows for ugly
      microsoftish things (like not differentiating btwn c & c++ headers.

      " Source code extensions

      "Hpp and Cpp browse
      function! Open_header(Extension)
      let fileName=expand("%:p:r").".".a:Extension
      if !file_readable(fileName)
      if a:Extension=='hpp'
      let ff=expand("%:p:r").".h"
      elseif a:Extension=='c'
      let ff=expand("%:p:r").".cpp"
      if exists("ff")
      if file_readable(ff)
      let fileName=ff
      if buffer_exists(fileName)
      exec "buf ".fileName
      exec "e ".fileName
      aug toHeader
      au BufEnter * map gh :echo 'None defined'<cr>
      au BufEnter * map gc :echo 'None defined'<cr>
      au BufEnter *.cpp map gh :call Open_header('hpp')<cr>
      au BufEnter *.c map gh :call Open_header('h')<cr>
      au BufEnter *.hpp map gc :call Open_header('cpp')<cr>
      au BufEnter *.h map gc :call Open_header('c')<cr>
      au BufEnter *.rc map gh :call Open_header('rh')<cr>
      au BufEnter *.rh map gc :call Open_header('rc')<cr>
      au BufEnter *.cpp,*.rc,*.c map gc :echo 'Already here'<CR>
      au BufEnter *.hpp,*.h,*.rh map gh :echo 'Already here'<CR>
      aug END

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      Sent: Wednesday, 31 January 2001 23:41
      To: 'vim@...'
      Subject: Loading a header directly from a C module

      I seem to remember seeing a module that would allow me to load the
      directly from a C module by deriving its name from the C modules
      name. I
      have written a cut down version:

      fu! LoadHeader()
      let incPath="../include/"
      let bufferName=bufname("%")
      let headerName=incPath . substitute(bufferName,"\.C$","\.H","")
      if (filereadable(headerName))
      exe "normal :edit ".l:headerName"\<CR>"
      echo "Unable to locate header file"

      but I really want to be able to then bounce back and load the C
      module from
      the header. I could mod my code to do this but IIRC someone has
      done this. I have had a quick look but could find nothing. Any

      Scott James

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