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Re: more troubles with jsp syntax (correction)

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  • Devin Weaver
    ... Yes this will make a serious CPU hit. VIM will highlight using specified syntax rules. In a simple situation a single line with a regex can determine
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 6, 2000
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      On Wed, Dec 06, 2000 at 04:51:59PM -0500, Arjona, Ariel wrote:
      > Just curious, but why do these syntax coloring problems happen? I've had
      > syntax coloring problems too, but setting minlines to 2500 solved it (with a
      > serious CPU hit when I scroll up though).

      Yes this will make a serious CPU hit. VIM will highlight using specified syntax
      rules. In a simple situation a single line with a regex can determine proper rule
      (Like keywords or strings).

      The problems arise when you have multiple lines which encompass one rule. Say for
      example you want all strings to be highlighted pink but stings can spawn
      multiple lines. And a string is defined as any character between the delimiters
      <% and %> So you say the start of the string is <% and the end will be %>

      1 Not a string <% Is a
      2 String on more
      3 than one line %> Not a string

      Here everything between <% and %> is a String. Now imagine that a very small
      view at the current line. Say line 2. The only way to tell that the characters
      on line to are part of the String rule would be to search backwards till it hit
      a <% or a %> if it hit a %> then it knows it not inside a String rule. or
      visa-versa if it sees a <% it know it is in one.

      Now imagine that the text on line 2 spawned about 100 lines. That's 100 lines of
      Syntax Vim has to parse through till it get to the line your interested in.

      As for the syncing heres more examples. Say for the purpose of this email your
      vim screen is one line in height. so you can only view on line at a time. Lets
      walk though the logic as we scroll *Down*.

      line 1 we see that it begins with <!-- so we know it's a comment till we hit -->
      however inside of comments are strings so if we hit a " before the --> we'll
      have to handle that as well (See the nesting). Ok. so say we hit the --> at
      around line 4. done. Next we see a <% which means were stopping all HTML
      rendering and starting ASP. Next we see a string and a number and a variable
      then a comment. And finally a %>. That was allot especially if that was like say
      50 lines.

      That the feel of the VIM logic (Top-down approach) the problems you see is when
      you scrolling *Up* In order for the top-down approach to work here the above
      process needs to find a place to start. By default this is the top of the
      screen but in situations like above where you have nested syntax you need to
      sync to something else. (For example a line with <% in it) But to search
      backwards every time the person scrolls up the above process needs to be done
      again and again. Very CPU incentive the more complex the rules. So VIM uses a
      fall off value to stop this (minlines) if it can't find the sync pattern by
      minlines above then it stops and renders it as normal. That's what you see. by
      increasing minlines to something crazy like 5000 then VIM will search backwards
      for a maximum of 5000 line till it hits the sync pattern or not and begin
      rendering from there till it gets to the users view. 5000 lines is allot
      considering the ASP syntax has about 20 or so rule on it's own not including
      the HTML it has in to which has javascript. heck if every one of those has 20
      rules that's 30 right there which it parses for 5000 lines *Every* time a user
      scrolls up!

      Yes there are alternative ways then the top-down approach but this one provides
      the most flexibility that's why VIM can support practically any lexical syntax.
      where as most other highlighting editors only support a few and have no room for
      customization. Theres a trade off with performance and scalibility/flexibility
      here your seeing one of the cons.

      When ever this happens to me I just hit page up till it rights it self then page
      down where I was. And yeah I know my explanation was long and pointless but I
      was board at the time. Had to avoid work somehow :-)


      If VIM were a woman, I'd marry her. Slim, organized, helpful and beautiful;
      what's not to like?
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