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vim fugitive Glog error message

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  • ping song
    hi Tim: whenever I issue Glog (git log) command with fugitive plugin, I got the ... --pretty=format:fugitive:///home/ping/temp-git/.git//%H/file1.txt::%s --
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2014
      hi Tim:
      whenever I issue Glog (git log) command with fugitive plugin, I got the following errors:

      :!git --git-dir=/home/ping/temp-git/.git --no-pager log --no-color '--pretty=format:fugitive:///home/ping/temp-git/.git//%H/file1.txt::%s' -- file1.txt  2>&1| tee /tmp/vw8oisc/8
      fugitive:///home/ping/temp-git/.git//d57333c06230f9198abc962e22d1309264c5f831/file1.txt::delete 2nd, 4th lines in br2
      fugitive:///home/ping/temp-git/.git//2ec931a4bcd55b7b5a8f8943d9b664de33b0d46a/file1.txt::delete 1st, 3rd line
      Press ENTER or type command to continue
      Error detected while processing function <SNR>74_EditAutoEncoding..<SNR>74_FencDetectFileEncoding..<SNR>74_FencHandleData:
      line    6:
      E484: Can't open file fugitive:///home/ping/temp-git/.git//d57333c06230f9198abc962e22d1309264c5f831/file1.txt

      I re-installed it and still doesn't help , can you advise?

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