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[ANN] Formatvim 4.0

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  • ZyX
    Formatvim plugin is plugin that creates files with embedded color information. Unlike standart 2html it can create not only HTML files, but has also support
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2013
      Formatvim plugin is plugin that creates files with embedded color information.
      Unlike standart 2html it can create not only HTML files, but has also support
      for LaTeX and one of bbcode dialects.

      Changes since previously announced release (3.0):

      Changes for formatvim users:
      - Added CSI escape sequences format specification.
      - Added options to limit a number of places where tag can start or end
      (StartTagReg and EndTagReg options).
      - Added support for &highlight and &numberwidth options.
      - Added configuration options for HTML specification:
      - Option to add links at the place where tag is defined (so that they can be
      - Option that controls file name in anchors (previously I had to use perl
      script to convert <a href="options.txt#link"> to
      <a href="options.txt.html#link">).
      - Option that controls <title> contents.
      - Option that enables generating human-readable style names.
      - Added <span id="tagName"> tags. Useful for linking with documentation without
      relying on line numbers that may change at any time.
      - Added support for formatting searches (on if &hlsearch is on by default) and
      matches (on by default) (FormatMatches option).
      - Decreased size of generated HTML file.
      - Made HTML specification use same unselectable <input> for icons (uses
      background image in this case).
      - Major performance improvement for tags processing. Requires vim-7.3.627 or
      - Minor performance improvement of main formatting cycle.
      - A big number of various fixes.

      Changes for specification authors:
      - Added @<@expr@>@ that makes it possible to do some optimizations. Expression
      between @<@ and @>@ is evaluated at compile time.
      - Added addoptsfun specification key: it should contain function that generates
      additional options. Useful for optimization and also because string keys are
      evaluated in the context of autoload/format.vim script.
      - Added addopts specification key that may contain random data for use in other
      specification keys.
      - “concealed” specification key was removed, now it uses “concealedstart” and
      “concealedend” keys.
      - Added options for debugging support (see source code, they are not present in
      - Added v:profiling support: in case v:profiling is true all temporary
      functions used are recorded in a special list so that they are not

      Formatvim on vim.org: http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=3113
      Documentation: http://vimpluginloader.sourceforge.net/doc/format.txt.html
      Project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/formatvim

      Documentation: http://vimpluginloader.sourceforge.net/doc/format.txt.html. Script used to format documentation: https://sourceforge.net/p/vimpluginloader/dev-tools/ci/ca3a90c45d08165c69c0e34b62da9b68c87352bd/tree/format-help.zsh.
      Signs with icons: http://formatvim.sourceforge.net/samples/err.html.

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