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Re: netrw (?) breaking window navigation on stock Debian Stable

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  • Charles Campbell
    ... So far, no problem... ... I m not seeing this (vim 7.4.5, netrw v150f): ie. using k to change windows worked. ... Doing this yields: E492: Not an
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 3, 2013
      Tim Chase wrote:
      > I'm fairly certain I haven't initiated any changes that would impact
      > this, but I just noticed this today and am trying track down when/why
      > it happened, and how to solve it.
      > To replicate on Debian Stable:
      > bash$ cat reproducible_vimrc
      > set nocp
      > syn on
      > bash$ vi -u reproducible_vimrc some_dir/
      > this should open the contents of the directory in a netrw window
      > (":set ft" returns "netrw"). From here, issue ":new" or select a
      > file/subdirectory and press "o" to open it in a new window.

      So far, no problem...
      > From
      > here, I tried to navigate back to the original netrw directory listing
      > using <c-w>k to open other files but vim refused to navigate back to
      > the window (no error message, just a failure to navigate to the
      > window as would normally happen).

      I'm not seeing this (vim 7.4.5, netrw v150f): ie. using <c-w>k to change
      windows worked.
      > I also tried ":wincmd k" with
      > identical failure. Additionally, things like
      > :let @a=''|windo 1yA
      > fails to visit all the windows, and @a remains empty (not even
      > pulling in the first line of the file I'm currently in).

      Doing this yields: E492: Not an editor command: 1yA .
      Modifying it to
      :let @a=''|windo norm! 1yA
      E21: Cannot make changes, 'modifiable' is off

      because the netrw window ended up as the final window.
      > Similarly
      > :windo $
      > doesn't move my current window to the last line, let alone the netrw
      > window.
      This command caused the cursor to move to the last line of both windows.
      > If I issue
      > vi -u reproducible_vimrc some_dir/
      > and then issue ":new", I have similar problems with navigating back
      > into the netrw window. If I use "--noplugin", it no longer seems to
      > load the netrw plugin at all (expected), so I have control over my
      > windows still.
      > The headers of /usr/share/vim/vim73/autoload/netrw.vim state that
      > it's
      > " Date: Apr 05, 2012
      > " Version: 145
      > It works as I'd expect in the other environments I have available:
      > Vim 7.0 (on Win32, with r98 of netrw) and Vim 7.3.457 (on Ubuntu,
      > with the same r145 of netrw).
      > Is there something I'm missing, or some assumption that netwr makes
      > about my vimrc that would trigger this behavior? Or a way to track
      > down the problematic behavior?
      Yes -- may I suggest that you upgrade your netrw to the latest (v150f)
      from my website:


      Chip Campbell

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