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Re: Bug with (or without) 'Z' in cpoptions writing to read-only file

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... Good point. However, for most plugins it s fine to reset cpo , since they only setup mappings, highlighting, etc. And for these it s a lot easier to
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 15 4:29 AM
      Linda W wrote:

      > > This used to work, but stopped about 18 months ago, I think.
      > >
      > > Now, I've both with 'Z' and without in cpoptions, but
      > > notice when I write a file with "w!", the read-only flag
      > > is still being reset to it's initial state.
      > I have figured out at least one place that causes this..
      > It seems that some .vim scripts ignore the options in cpo
      > and install '&vim' options while the file is being
      > saved, then restore cpo after the fact so it looks like
      > the cpo options have no effect.
      > I don't think it would be affecting my usage, but an example of this
      > is in "menu.vim"...
      > Several places, the purpose is to make sure the "<" and "C" flags
      > are not included in cpoptions...
      > But that's not what the code does -- it resets them to some arbitrary state.
      > To remove those flags, one would use
      > cpo-="<C"
      > (as far as I know)....
      > Trouble is, with examples like that in the official Vim code, there's no
      > telling where else it might be a problem.
      > though I noticed signs that I've edited out those problem areas before
      > (but had my changes overwritten on a subsequent update.

      Good point. However, for most plugins it's fine to reset 'cpo', since
      they only setup mappings, highlighting, etc. And for these it's a lot
      easier to just switch to a "sane state".

      Unfortunately this means we have to pinpoint individual plugins to find
      out what's wrong.

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      to take effect. Reboot now?

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