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Re: Open a template with cursor set on a specific line?

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  • Tim Chase
    ... The short answer is almost positively yes. Longer answer: 1) I m not familiar with the Calendar plugin, and 2) you don t mention how the header and body
    Message 1 of 2 , May 5 8:04 PM
      On 2013-05-05 10:13, Gregory Caughey wrote:
      > I've created a simple template to be called when invoking the
      > Calendar plugin via Vim. I want to use this for Administrative
      > Logging, so am using modeline to format and set the document
      > environment. I want to automate the cursor position so it is placed
      > after my header where the message body starts. Can I make Vim
      > (7.3.*) behave this way? Thanks, Greg

      The short answer is almost positively yes.

      Longer answer:

      1) I'm not familiar with the Calendar plugin, and
      2) you don't mention how the header and body are delimited, and
      3) it likely can't be done via a modeline alone, but

      taking that into consideration, you can do something like (or add to
      your vimrc)

      :autocmd BufRead my_calendar_file_glob*.txt /========/+

      where, in this case "/=======/" is some pattern that finds the
      delimiter. The "+" just moves the cursor to the line following the
      delimiter. If the file was a Maildir file, it would have a bunch of
      headers, then a blank line, then the body, so you'd use


      to put the cursor on the line following the blank line (the first
      line of the body).

      There might be a wrinkle if the Calendar plugin has its own BufRead
      events that might clash, or if it's harder to pinpoint your file with
      a particular file-glob.

      With a few more details, it might be possible to nail down a more
      definitive solution.


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