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Re: Open files without splitting with netrw

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  • Charles Campbell
    ... I ve been combing through old email and I m not sure that this problem has been replied to. Between using different machines, upgrades, and whatnot, it
    Message 1 of 6 , May 2, 2013
      epanda wrote:
      > On 16 aoűt, 16:46, Charles Campbell <Charles.E.Campb...@...>
      > wrote:
      >> epanda wrote:
      >>> I have not set any option in my _vimrc.
      >>> I have seen why. Can I remap left curso in order it does not open but
      >>> just browse like enter key ?
      >>> Second question :
      >>> I want to use this functions that login me on my ftp:
      >>> function! s:login()
      >>> echo "login to ftp website is done"
      >>> call NetUserPass("myftplogin","mypass")
      >>> endfunc
      >>> It seems it log me but when I call it throught a mapping it does not
      >>> open my directory directly. I have to log again :
      >>> amenu&Web.Explorer\ Distant.\ Explore.\ Photos :call
      >>> <SID>login()<CR>:tabnew ftp://myftplo...@.../imgs/<CR>
      >> NetUserPass is intended to let one change the userid and password (for
      >> example, if one has two accounts on an ftp server). So it isn't
      >> intended to actually open/browse a remote directory.
      >> You can call netrw#NetRead(2,'ftp://host/path') to browse a remote
      >> directory.
      >> By "left curso" do you mean the left arrow on your keyboard? I suppose
      >> map <left> <return>
      >> would do that.
      >> Regards,
      >> Chip Campbell
      > I just want to avoid to type password each time I need to access to my
      > ftp
      > Actually, if I click on left-mouse, it does not do the same thing that
      > <cr>, while cr is browsing well, left-mouse is equivalent to multiple
      > <cr>
      > and open picture in two subdirectories.
      I've been combing through old email and I'm not sure that this problem
      has been replied to. Between using different machines, upgrades, and
      whatnot, it may have been replied to already.

      Anyway, to avoid typing passwords for each ftp under windows, see :help
      netrw-start (or use .netrc if you're using Linux). With netrw v149f
      (http://www.drchip.org/astronaut/vim/index.html#NETRW) (actually
      earlier, but v149f has it, too), multiple files with .ftp extensions can
      hold your userid and password for different machines.

      Chip Campbell

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