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Re: :Explore shows nothing if path contains an embedded tilde (Windows)

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  • Charles E Campbell
    ... Hello! Using Vista, netrw v149d, and vim 7.3.816, I had no problems with a directory called Dir~3 . I tested with: :e [path] and with :Explore [path]
    Message 1 of 3 , May 1, 2013
      Ben Fritz wrote:
      > On Tuesday, April 30, 2013 5:38:06 PM UTC-5, Dameron, Gregg wrote:
      >> I’m running gvim 7.2 on Windows 7.
      >> If I attempt “:Explore” or “:e .” when any folder in my current working directory contains a tilde (e.g., “my~example_folder”), the Netrw Directory Listing buffer displays nothing below the last row of equals signs. Not even “../” is displayed.
      > I assume you're running with a netrw plugin around the same age as Vim 7.2 (around 5 years old).
      > The first thing I think you should try, if you're able, is upgrading your entire Vim installation. cream.sourceforge.net has Vim installers built for Windows with fairly recent patch levels. Currently it is on 7.3.829 and the Vim source is at 7.3.918.
      > If you can't upgrade the whole install, you can try downloading the latest netrw plugin and placing it in your personal Vim plugin directories. But a 7.2 executable is so old I'm not sure whether the latest netrw will even function with your current Vim.
      > Vim does install to non-standard areas (like C:\Vim or C:\Users\JohnDoe\Vim) if the only problem you have with installing is write access.

      Using Vista, netrw v149d, and vim 7.3.816, I had no problems with a
      directory called "Dir~3". I tested with: :e [path] and with :Explore
      [path] variants under both cygwin and windows-style gvim.

      C Campbell

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