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Re: vim, cscope and jump stack

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    ... cscope can produce a quickfix list , y know, like :helpgrep, :vimgrep, ... window-local quickfix list). See ... Best regards, Tony. -- This is an
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 16, 2013
      On 15/03/13 22:10, FlashBurn wrote:
      > Does anybody know if vim has the ability to store a history of my cscope searches?It would be nice if I could jump back to my previous searches or to the files which I jumped from.
      > Any help is appreciated.

      cscope can produce a "quickfix list", y'know, like :helpgrep, :vimgrep,
      :grep and :make do. It can even produce a "location list" (i.e., a
      window-local quickfix list).

      :help csqf
      :help :cscope
      :help :lcscope
      :help if_cscop.txt
      :help quickfix.txt

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