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Re: AT&T shutting down listmail

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... Why would one use the mail service provided by your ISP? They can never give you the service like Gmail or Yahoo mail does. And you don t need to tell
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 3, 2013
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      Toothpik wrote:

      > On January 27 I stopped receiving vim list mail in my ISP's inbox. 
      > (My ISP is AT&T). After logging in to my account in Firefox I found
      > over 300 vim emails in my Spam folder.  After moving those to my
      > Inbox, fetchmail was able to retrieve them for me the normal way, but
      > since then no vim mail whatsoever has gone into my Spam folder or my
      > Inbox.
      > Calling the company you descend into automated-voice-response hell,
      > and when you get to a human you're guaranteed they are reading from
      > scripts written for Windows or Mac only, and you will never connect
      > with anyone who will admit they are performing spam filtering.
      > They offer a feature they call SpamGuard, which I have verified and
      > re-verified is turned off, but I receive no spam in the account at
      > all.  No spam whatsoever (!) with SpamGuard disabled.  So they are
      > classifying spam for me, and in their infinite wisdom they have
      > decided the vim mail is spam and I am not to send or receive it.  Yes,
      > I tried to send to the list an email similar to this and it never got
      > here.
      > So -- anyone thinking about signing up AT&T as their ISP, specifically
      > with the Uverse service, consider that they will be chipping away at
      > the services they provide and deciding for you what you get to see. 
      > When I started with SWBell they hosted my web page for me.  Then they
      > morphed into AT&T, and I morphed into Uverse, and suddenly no more web
      > hosting, oh, and they stopped serving usenet -- I have to pay a third
      > party for that.  Now I can neither send nor receive vim mail.  What's
      > next?  Peer-to-peer comes to mind...
      > This is a bad trend -- AT&T is probably the largest service provider
      > in the country, and arguably the most pig-headed, and they seem to be
      > on a path to reduce services and remold the internet in their image.
      > Uverse does provide the best cable available -- my television works
      > during storms, unlike satelite providers, and while I can't claim
      > there have been no outages, they have less outages than cable, and are
      > very responsive when you call about one.
      > Anyone with any ideas how I can get back to sending and receiving from
      > my "real" ISP please share...

      Why would one use the mail service provided by your ISP? They can never
      give you the service like Gmail or Yahoo mail does. And you don't need
      to tell all your contacts about your new email address when you switch

      I used to rely on my own mail service, but filtering out spam became
      more and more work. Now I route everything to Gmail, and fetch it with
      POP from there. Works very well. Currently there are 10'895 messages
      in the spam folder (that's 30 days worth). A little spam gets through,
      it's hard to say how many false positives there are (I'm not looking for
      the needle in the haystack).

      Another advantage is that, although my inbox in Gmail is always empty,
      the messages are still archived, which makes search easy.

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