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    ... If you re using the generic / search (which it appears you re doing), you can disable wrapscan to prevent vim from wrapping back to the beginning. ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 2, 2013
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      On Sat, 2 Feb 2013 14:21:54 -0800, Andy Richer wrote:
      > Hi vim experts:
      > I use keyboard macro for following sample contents:
      > aaa/bbb/kp0/qqq 1.553 rp-+
      > ccc/ddd 1.235 -0.043 0.274 -0.007 rp-+
      > aaa/bbb/ake/qqq 1.552 rp-+
      > vcc1/ddd 1.235 -0.043 0.274 -0.021 rp-+
      > ..........
      > my keyboard macro like this sequence:
      > qa
      > /-+
      > J
      > j
      > q
      > So I join 2 lines together like this: aaa/bbb/kp0/qqq 1.553
      > rp-+ccc/ddd 1.235 -0.043 0.274 -0.007
      > rp-+ I know I can use 5@a, 6@a ......., yet it is difficult for me
      > to decide the number for @a in a big file.
      > If I give number too big, @a will reach end of file then start from
      > beginning of file until number of @a finished, and this cause
      > problem.
      > My 2 questions:
      > 1. is there a way to tell vim when reach end of file, just stop @a ?

      If you're using the generic "/" search (which it appears you're
      doing), you can disable 'wrapscan' to prevent vim from wrapping back
      to the beginning.

      :set nowrapscan
      :help 'wrapscan'

      > 2. is there a way to tell vim to stop @a at specific line number?
      > say line 500

      You could possibly do a check if the line-number happens to be [equal
      to|greater than|less than] a given line number and then raise an
      exception which should kill the macro.

      Another alternative would be to use an Ex command to do the work for
      you. Something like:


      which can then be limited with


      to only do the joining on lines 1-400 (or whatever arbitrary range
      you specify).


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