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Re: Interest in a Belgian Vim usergroup for meetups?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    ... Maybe, maybe not. I ll be at FOSDEM but not the full weekend since I have a totally different meeting (where I have to be present) in a quite different
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2013
      On 01/02/13 23:39, Jeroen Budts wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > After reading about the Vim Berlin and Vim London usergroup, who
      > regularly organize meetups, I started wondering if we can do the same in
      > Belgium.
      > Today I wrote some of my ideas down in a blogpost [1] to find out if
      > there is interest in this. If I can find some people who are willing to
      > attend and a few who want to do a short talk, I'm willing to organize a
      > first meetup at the Inuits [2] office (in Antwerp).
      > Please let me know if you would be interested in joining such a meetup?
      > I think it would be a nice experience to meet other Vim users and
      > exchange knowledge about our beloved editor :)
      > [1] http://budts.be/weblog/2013/02/belgian-vim-user-group-for-meetups
      > [2] http://inuits.eu
      > kind regards,
      > Jeroen

      Maybe, maybe not. I'll be at FOSDEM but not the full weekend since I
      have a totally different meeting (where I have to be present) in a quite
      different part of town on Saturday afternoon. Where you run the best
      chance of finding me will be at the Mozilla stand or in the Mozilla room.

      Best regards,
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