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Re: Word characters differ between spell files

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  • Andrew
    ... So I ve tried to make a new .spl file, according to help :mkspell. Therefore I ve downloaded dict_ru_RU-AOT-0.2.7-ieyo.oxt archive from
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 29, 2013
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      On 25.01.2013 03:15, Tony Mechelynck wrote:
      > On 24/01/13 11:34, Andrew wrote:
      >> Hi there! Recently I've started using vim, and tried to enable
      >> spellchecking for russian.
      >> So I've tried ":setlocal spell spelllang=ru". Vim said, that it doesn't
      >> have spellfile for russian and
      >> offer to download it, I accepted and allowed him to locate it in
      >> ~/.vim/spell/ru.utf-8.spl, also it downloaded ru.utf-8.sug.
      >> Then, vim said:
      >> "Error detected while processing
      >> /home/ridiculous/.vim/spell/ru.utf-8.spl:
      >> E763: Word characters differ between spell files."
      >> I'm not quite sure, what files does it mean, but I also have the same
      >> spell files in /usr/share/vim/vim/73/spell directory. I've tried to
      >> delete them, but it doesn't works.
      >> Then, I've tried to open file on russian and enter command to enable
      >> spellchecking. First, it gave me the same mistake, but for the second
      >> time there was nothing on output, but still, there's no highlighting,
      >> and "verbose set spelllang" gives me "spelllang=ru".
      > [...]
      > From ":help E763":
      >> *E763*
      >> Vim allows you to use spell checking for several languages in the
      >> same file.
      >> You can list them in the 'spelllang' option. As a consequence all
      >> spell files
      >> for the same encoding must use the same word characters, otherwise
      >> they can't
      >> be combined without errors. If you get a warning that the word
      >> tables differ
      >> you may need to generate the .spl file again with |:mkspell|. Check
      >> the FOL,
      >> LOW and UPP lines in the used .aff file.
      >> The XX.ascii.spl spell file generated with the "-ascii" argument will
      >> not
      >> contain the table with characters, so that it can be combine with
      >> spell files
      >> for any encoding. The .add.spl files also do not contain the table.
      > Unless you want to spellcheck both Russian and English at the same
      > time in the same file, you might try moving away or renaming the
      > English spell files which are in $VIMRUNTIME/spell/. (They will
      > reappear the next time you update Vim.) If that works, it means that
      > either the Russian spell files don't include Latin letters as word
      > characters, or the English ones don't include Cyrillic letters, or both.
      > Best regards,
      > Tony.
      So I've tried to make a new .spl file, according to help :mkspell.
      Therefore I've downloaded
      dict_ru_RU-AOT-0.2.7-ieyo.oxt archive from
      http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/dictionary and unziped it to
      ~/.vim/spell. When I've started to make a spell
      file by :mkspell .aff .dic .spl, it said, that .dic file has an invalid
      region. Then I skiped .dic file in command for creating, so file was
      maden. But when i finally included spellchecking on russian, the same
      error occured...

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