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Re: Search Vam Packages

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  • Marc Weber
    ... grep docs for this line: I want feature X such as browsable lists of plugins. ActivateAddons FOO VAM plugins are normal plugins - they don t differ
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 8, 2012
      Excerpts from Sayth Renshaw's message of Sat Dec 08 00:37:56 +0100 2012:
      > Is there a simple way to search VAM repositories to know what is available
      > and what exact format we should write our plugins in.

      grep docs for this line:
      "I want feature X" such as browsable lists of plugins. ActivateAddons FOO

      VAM plugins are "normal" plugins - they don't differ from others.
      VAM however pays attention to a addon-info.json file which allows
      plugins to declare dependencies which are then fetched and activated by
      VAM automatically.

      About your other questions:

      > For example writing syntastic fails where Syntastic succeeds.
      Do RTFM. There is a section addon-names, especially below the line
      "Determining addon names" and the sentence:
      The name is automatically derived from plugin titles at www.vim.org

      Marc Weber

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