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Re: Running Vim inside Emacs

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  • James Freer
    ... Thank you for this info. I m only a beginner on vim and emacs - trying to decide between the two! You say emacs is an excellent operating system. I find
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 26, 2012
      On Sun, Nov 25, 2012 at 11:33 PM, Sergio Ruiz <sergiusruiz@...> wrote:
      > A member of this group wants to run Vim on a Window, and SBCL on another Window. He already tried ConqueTerm, Gnu Screen and Konsole, but all these solutions have serious drawbacks. I was in the same situation a few months ago. I needed to run SBCL on a window, while editing source code on another window. At some point, I remembered the joke about Emacs being an excellent operating system, but lacking a good editor. Therefore, I decided to provide a good text editor to that excellent operating system.
      > Be carefull. You must open a term buffer. The trick does not work on shell buffers. Of course, you can use all Emacs goodies: Org mode for managing projects, flymake for checking the syntax, dired and ido for fast access file, etc. I have been running Vim from inside Emacs for three months. I wonder whether this approach has drawbacks. It must have, because nobody uses it, as far as I know. Can anybody tell me why it is not widely used?

      Thank you for this info. I'm only a beginner on vim and emacs - trying
      to decide between the two!

      You say emacs is an excellent operating system. I find emacs hard to
      grasp as there is just so much of it. To me it goes beyond the
      philosophy (some call Unix's) - Do one thing and do it well! Emacs has
      such poor things like it's games and other stuff which aren't as good
      as alternatives. As an editor it doesn't read in some txt files...
      that's just to mention one thing.To me it seems like a system that
      promises much and delivers little.

      Why does one want to use emacs to run vim inside? You ask "Can anybody
      tell me why it is not widely used?" - i can't see any reason to use
      emacs other than an editor. As you mention it , Org i think is a poor
      application. Reading pdf files... one might as well stay with Evince.

      I use a text editor for writing; vim and emacs are the only two that
      provide 'softwrap'. I don't find vim hard to learn but i find emacs
      sort of 'hard going' for no reason. Emacs 'isn't it's own best friend'
      as the saying goes - the manual is comprehensive but an exceptionally
      hard slog. On the emacs mail list there was a post a while back about
      how emacs could be further improved - remove the unnecessary hard
      learning curve and a provide a user friendly manual.

      To me as a learner... the answer to your question is in the above paragraph.


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