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Re: xa and abandon unnamed buffers

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    ... AFAIK, there isn t. At least a cursory reading of :help writing and :help write-quit doesn t reveal anything obvious. You might try ... which will
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 2012
      On 03/11/12 00:16, Chris Lott wrote:
      > Is there a command that will write and exit all buffers *and* abandon
      > unnamed buffers? xa almost gets there, but it fails if there are
      > unnamed buffers.
      > c
      > --
      > Chris Lott <chris@...>
      AFAIK, there isn't. At least a cursory reading of ":help writing" and
      ":help write-quit" doesn't reveal anything obvious.

      You might try
      :confirm xa
      which will prompt you to save or abandon any modified buffer, but I
      suppose this is not what you want.

      Or you could write a function to do it, maybe something like (untested)

      function Xall()
      for t in range(1, tabpagenr('$')
      for b in tabpagebuflist(t)
      if bufloaded(b)
      \ && bufname(b) == ""
      \ && getbufvar(b, '&mod')
      exe 'bw!' b
      command Xall call Xall()

      If I haven't goofed, the first part wipes out all modified unnamed
      buffers which are loaded (in a window or hidden), then the last
      instruction (xall) writes all modified named buffers and quits Vim.

      You won't get a warning if you've entered important stuff in an unnamed
      buffer: it will be sent to never-never land, from where you won't be
      able to get it back.

      Please test this function thoroughly before deciding that it suits your
      needs: it is a dangerous function if there are any bugs in it, and I
      have NOT tested it myself.

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