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Re: gvim hanging

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  • rockybalboa4
    Dnia 28 października 2012 14:40 Marc Weber napisał(a):   ... This really looks like a problem in Vim. defunct means that vim should
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 28, 2012
      Dnia 28 października 2012 14:40 Marc Weber <marco-oweber@...> napisał(a):
      Excerpts from rockybalboa4's message of Sun Oct 28 13:56:31 +0100 2012:
      > Looking into gdb output and the process list:
      > name      8139  0.7  1.0 906440 32596 pts/25   Tsl+ Oct11 173:59 /usr/bin/gvim -f
      > name      7661  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        Zs   07:50   0:00  \_ [bash] <defunct>
      This really looks like a problem in Vim. defunct means that vim should
      gather the exit code which it didn't do for some reason or the like.

      Which plugin might have run that bash shell? Any idea which plugin might
      have spawned the subshell?

      Consider posting your plugin list and what you did (open filetypes, etc)
      This may help.

      watch -- sh -c 'ps aux | grep defunct'
      will give you feedback when that situation might be happening again.
      This was just a macro recorded and run by hand incorporating c_! ie. :.!/usr/bin/php -r ... I don't think there were any problems with third party plugins.
      Calling several times "return" in gdb looked promising in the interactivity of the interface, but after some detaching and reattaching I ended up killing gvim. I won't be investigating this today any more after recovering backups unless it happens again during ordinary usage. I really strongly suspect creating too many processes. After some similar operations to the original ones on a sample /usr/share/dict/polish (with rawURLEncode instead of rawURLDecode) I had hundreds of [defunct] gvim subprocesses, although it did not finally freeze. Learning about gdb seems quite useful as my vim freezes every month or every two months in various situations. Once I read more and use it more successfullly (where CTRL-c does not work) I will add a new debugging tip to vim.wikia.com.
      Another situation that causes freezes for me are certain selections in visualstar.vim followed by // in order to type //e which doesn't get accepted. I have to upgrade my vim (which is currently just from the Ubuntu maverick distribution repository) in order to be sure that the bugs don't happen only to me before reporting.

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