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Re: ASCIIfication (removal of accent, cedilla, etc)

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  • Bee
    ... Something like the following to simplify: function! AEIOU() for x in [ a , e , i , o , u ] execute :%s/[[= .x. =]]/ .x. /g endfor endf :call AEIOU()
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      Tim Chase wrote:
      > On 08/29/12 21:46, Salman Halim wrote:
      > >> I've got some Portuguese text that I need to perform some
      > >> transformations on to make them ASCII (7-bit). That means
      > >> removing accent marks, cedillas, tildes, etc.
      > >>
      > >> Is there some fast transform in Vim that I've missed, or an
      > >> easy way to go about this?
      > >
      > > I don't believe there is something that will figure out the
      > > non-accented version of a given character, but you could do
      > > something similar using tr() by passing in "èéêëē" and "eeeee",
      > > for example.
      > Thanks to everybody for their suggestions. Playing around a little,
      > I went with using equivalence classes:
      > :%s/[[=a=]]/a/g|%s/[[=e=]]/e/g|...
      > which is still tedious, but at least a little less so. If there's
      > some magic method I've missed (this happens to be a work thing, so
      > I'm stuck on Win32 without the conversion utility mentioned
      > elsewhere in the thread), I'd love to know how to improve this.
      > -tim

      Something like the following to simplify:

      function! AEIOU()
      for x in ["a","e","i","o","u"]
      execute ':%s/[[='.x.'=]]/'.x.'/g'
      endf " :call AEIOU()


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