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Re: background color gray instead of black

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  • Chris Jones
    ... [..] ... Makes sense.. That particular rectangle corresponds to color 0 and I believe it should be black. But what doesn t make sense is that color 255
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 29, 2012
      On Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 01:03:43PM EDT, Britton Kerin wrote:
      > On Sat, Jul 28, 2012 at 4:56 PM, Chris Jones <cjns1989@...> wrote:

      > It looks the same after the first ctermbg=255 command above. t After
      > the second one, the output changes showing ctermbg=255 instead of
      > ctermbg=0.

      > > What color is the top left rectangle when you run 256colors2.pl from
      > > a shell prompt..?

      > I wasn't sure where this script came from and I found a couple of
      > different versions. One of them first outputs a block called System
      > colors, and the top left of that is gray. Its had to tell but it
      > appears to be a bit darker than the gray I get in vim though.

      Makes sense.. That particular rectangle corresponds to color 0 and
      I believe it should be black.

      But what doesn't make sense is that color 255 should correspond to
      white or a very light grey..!

      Color 255 is be the last rectangle in what is referred to as the
      ‘Grayscale Ramp’ in 256color2.pl's output.

      But then, this may be irrelevant, since ‘torte’ is an 8/16 color scheme
      anyway. Specifying color values to override torte's by anything above 15
      would likely give ‘unpredictable results’.


      What is the output of the following:

      | :verbose set background
      | :verbose set t_Co
      | :display $TERM

      Where the ‘background’ Vim option is concerned, it may be of interest to
      see its value at startup and also after you change the default value of
      the background, if done manually. See if Vim has automatically adjusted

      | :h 'background'

      As to the value of the $TERM environment variable, where is it set -- or
      do you just use gnome-terminal's default?

      IIRC, gnome-terminal forcibly resets the value of $TERM to ‘xterm’ no
      matter what you try to set it to prior to launching gnome-terminal.

      Since I have no idea what is going on, you could try to to play with the
      color palette in the gnome-terminal Preferences (?) dialog and see what
      happens re: 256colors2.pl and in Vim with :colo torte... Might help
      narrow it down..


      Oh My God!!! Larry is back!

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