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Re: javascript.vim syntax file

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  • Fernando Basso
    ... Okay. Useful info. I m getting started with javascript and didn t know that. Thanks. -- You received this message from the vim_use maillist. Do not
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 11, 2012
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      On Feb 10, 6:36 am, esquifit <esqui...@...> wrote:

      > "getElementById" and "childNodes" are not part of the javascript language,
      > that's why they are not highlighted.
      > These are methods of native objects of the host environment in which
      > javascript runs, which is usually a web browser but it needs not.
      > The javascript specs (more properly the ECMAScript specification)
      > distinguishes among native, built-in and host objects.  The DOM Objects
      > (for example the window object) in a browser environment is an example of
      > host object; they don't belong to the language itself. Consequently they
      > and their methods are not highlighted by a pure javascript syntax file.
      > Regarding 'slice', there is a javascript method of the native Array object
      > called slice. I'd expect it to be highlighted. It is however possible for
      > host objects to have methods also called this way, or that the javascript
      > syntax file cannot decide whether a particular variable represents a
      > native, a user-defined or a host object and for this reason the word is not
      > highlighted.

      Okay. Useful info. I'm getting started with javascript and didn't know
      that. Thanks.

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