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Re: Consuming 'filetype' stuff from .vimrc

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  • Gerardo Marset
    ... You can use if has( gui_running ) if &filetype == java set columns=120 endif endif However I d reccomend just having the following set columns=120 in
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 26, 2011
      El 26/08/11 18:07, Russell Bateman escribió:
      > I would like to know how how to adjust the width (set columns) in gvim
      > based on filetype that, I assume, Vim knows by reason of the file I've
      > launched it on. For example, if it's a Java file (.java), I'd like to
      > make it 120 columns wide, but leave it maybe 80 for all others. I
      > realize that I might mix the types of files that show up on the
      > command line, so I don't expect Vim to read my mind.
      > if has( "gui_running" )
      > if _____filetype is Java_____
      > set columns=120
      > endif
      > endif
      > Is this covered behavior or even possible?
      > Please help me fill in the blank. Yes, I've read the filetype.txt help
      > document, but I'm a little obtuse and need a bit of a push to get
      > going.
      > Profuse thanks.
      > Russ Bateman
      You can use

      if has("gui_running")
      if &filetype == "java"
      set columns=120

      However I'd reccomend just having the following

      set columns=120

      in ~/.vim/ftplugin/java.vim or~/.vim/ftplugin/java/something.vim.

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